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Assessments: Pre-trial and Sentenced

To help decision makers throughout the criminal justice system assess the viability of client release and programs, LCA utilizes the most reliable tools that help determine individual criminogenic needs. Individual assessments are critical to establish the right program for each client and identify risk levels based on in-depth interviews that evaluate employment requirements and commitments, family ties and obligations, and community ties and dependencies.


Case Management: LCAPlus Advantage

  logo lca LCA provides individualized case management.  

We get involved and stay invested  through every phase, with every client.

This is the LCAPlus Advantage.


This involvement allows LCA to take a holistic approach to each case, doing more than simply putting a bracelet on clients and monitoring their compliance in the community.

  We help determine the most effective programs, and set up the right monitoring and reporting system to change clients behavior while helping to maintain public safety. Then, we go beyond just relying on computer-generated reports and add the LCAPlus service to include:
  • Actionable reports based on detailed analysis
  • Evidence-based, informed and reliable program recommendations
  • Regularly scheduled face-to-face participant meetings to monitor progress and promote success
  • Proven approaches to substance abuse and behavioral change
  • Ongoing court appearances and support
  • Consultation through every phase, through every case

Day Reporting Center Services

For years, LCA has been a leader in Day Reporting Centers, as a means to reduce recidivism and provide treatment to thousands of adults and youths throughout California. Today, LCA’s experienced staff helps guide these “at risk” clients and enable them to get their lives back on track. We use an intensive case management approach in all our programs to provide a complete continuum of client services, including:

  • Individualized, strength-based treatment plans and case management
  • Comprehensive individual, group and family counseling including:
    • Cognitive-behavioral counseling
    • Life skills training
    • Gender-specific groups
    • Substance education and anger management
    • Parental and peer support groups
  • Weekly case planning conferences
  • Regular progress reports, including completion reports
  • Job placement; employment training and development
  • Community service
  • Nutrition, health and fitness education
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Individual tutoring and support of academics
  • Bilingual services
  • Orientation for clients and family members

In addition to individual support programs, LCA’s Day Reporting Services offer program screening and risk/needs assessments.

Veterans and other Specialty Court Programs

flagSpecialty Courts are problem-solving courts that help break the cycle of drug and/or alcohol addiction that can influence adult criminal activity, juvenile delinquent behavior, or parental abuse and/or neglect of children. LCA offers all of its services to a variety of Specialty Courts throughout California.

Our outcomes for Veterans Court programs have been extremely positive, designed to meet the needs of veterans who have gotten in trouble with the law, or have substance abuse and mental health issues stemming from their military service. A growing number of counties in California have set up special courts for veterans that favor treatment over punishment. Currently LCA offers CAM pilot program for Veterans courts in several California counties. LCA provides Continuous Alcohol Monitoring services at special discounted rates to ensure that no one is refused service because of inability to pay.

Pre-Trial Monitoring Services

man speakingBefore adjudication, LCA’s pre-trial monitoring programs include CAM (continuous alcohol monitoring), house arrest, GPS monitoring/tracking, drug testing, and case management. These programs can be effective in lieu of bail, to help lower bail amounts, and provide conditions of compliance that offer greater community safety and more accountability than simply releasing an offender on OR. Pre-trial monitoring programs allow clients the opportunity to keep working, providing for their families, while beginning to change their behavior and get on the road to success even before being sentenced.


Pre-trial monitoring is effective in misdemeanors and felony cases, including DUI, and domestic violence. Time spent on these programs may provide credit for time served, depending on the case.

Electronic Monitoring

LCA provides GPS monitoring, RF monitoring (home detention), continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM), and other sentencing options. We accept pre-trial defendants and sentenced offenders in LCA’s programs.

Misdemeanor Programs For clients who are not on formal probation, LCA’s misdemeanor programs add supervision and reporting that offers them an alternative to jail. These programs provide the opportunity for clients to immediately accept responsibility for their actions, seek rehabilitation, and manage their cases outside of jail by being placed on electronic monitoring including house arrest, GPS monitoring, alcohol monitoring and regular drug testing. Court Accountability Programs (CAP) For the thousands of criminal cases in California, which do not require jail time or in lieu of jail for misdemeanors, the courts have become the de facto supervisor. Unfortunately, they do not have the staff to meet this demand, resulting in many defendants falling through the cracks, recidivating and escalating to more serious criminal offenses. LCA has created a new Court Accountability Program (CAP) with the tools and support to address the needs of this growing population.   LCA’s Court Accountability Program (CAP) solutions are customized to address the thousands of cases saturating California courts.  These integrated programs offer the potential to improve community supervision of offenders and reduce jail populations, while offering a viable solution to significantly reduce recidivism, save thousands of taxpayer dollars every year, and hold offenders accountable.   MCLE Attorney Training  

California’s MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) requirements provides that attorneys complete at least 25 hours of continuing legal education, which must include at least one hour in the prevention, detection and treatment of substance abuse or mental illness that impairs professional competence. LCA is certified by the State Bar to provide MCLE training. Our customized presentations on electronic technology and substance abuse are available at any office or association

Drug Testing

LCA offers drug tests at each of our offices. This includes urine and oral fluid testing, as well as breathalyzer testing. For fluid testing, standard chain-of-custody protocol is followed by LCA staff – working confidentially with Redwood Toxicology.Redwood Toxicology, a federally certified laboratory specializing in accurate and rapid turnaround drug testing, provides the analysis and reporting directly to LCA.

LCA drug testing is available for pre-employment, court cases, child-custody cases and more. We test for amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, methadone, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and marijuana. LCA also administers breathalyzer tests for alcohol at the time of drug testing. As an additional support service, LCA can customize test regimens for specific substances as requested.

Individuals needing drug-testing services may call LCA directly for an appointment. All testing is completed on a random basis – LCA reports positive tests and failure to reports. Tests can be scheduled daily.


Our executives and regional staff are available to consult with government and private organizations on all community-based criminal justice solutions, including:

  • AB-109 solutions
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Residential and non-residential programs
  • Re-entry

We provide expert consultations in California, throughout the United States and internationally. LCA is invested and involved in the organizations that watch, evaluate and track the trends, issues, laws, and successes in this field. We offer a unique perspective, based on over 40 years of criminal justice experience. This experience has lead LCA to establish partnerships with community-based organizations across California to offer provisional services through innovative strategies and residential treatment centers designed to help parolees and probationers achieve positive change and successful community integration.

  LCA’s team is uniquely qualified to address issues of:
  • Developing individualized “one stop” treatment centers
  • Technology options
  • Strategies to develop effective successful programs
  • Ensuring program success through comprehensive case management
  • Financial benefits of utilizing electronic monitoring programs
  • Social impact of electronic monitoring programs

Let us show how we can help. As your partner, LCA is committed to your success. Contact LCA today!

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