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Your Safety Net

AB109 and realignment have placed unprecedented challenges on law enforcement. There are many viable community-based alternatives available to your county now. How do you make informed release decisions, what services/programs offer you the accountability and control you demand, and what company is best suited to partner with you to meet those needs?

LCA has partnered with Law Enforcement Agencies across California for 21 years. We offer fully customized solutions utilizing a myriad of tools including a validated risk/needs assessment as an objective and safe way to help you make reliable release decisions. LCA’s electronic monitoring programs include GPS tracking, home detention and curfew monitoring (EM), and continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM). These programs provide technology, services, and case management to support you as you face the difficult task of putting offenders back into communities.

Whether an offender is serving a sentence or being released due to a population cap, LCA’s comprehensive programs can give you the confidence to track and monitor compliance in the community.

All programs are developed to meet your requirements, permitting offenders to remain accountable, and

  • Keep their jobs
  • Support their families
  • Pay taxes Make restitution
  • Pay court fines

Your Program, Your Way.

Whether you have one or one thousand offenders being released into the community, LCA will work with you to create individualized programs that meet your needs and requirements.

LCA will design a program where we manage the routine work (i.e., installations, equipment issues and incident investigation and reporting) – freeing your staff to work with offenders, not bogged down with paperwork and servicing equipment. We provide you with detailed reports and services you choose – appropriate for each agency.

Typical Offenders on Electronic Monitoring.

  • Misdemeanors and Low-level Felons
  • DUI and other Alcohol-related Offenders
  • Senior Offenders
  • Medically Impaired Offenders
  • Out-of-County Offenders
  • Pre-trial Defendants

Offender-Funded Electronic Monitoring Programs

Electronic monitoring is one of the most effective solutions available to help manage realignment and new changes in the law. All services can be provided on a sliding scale, at NO cost to the county. To help you offset your costs, LCA can also provide an administrative fee.

This model of financial support has been successful throughout California for many years.

Contact the LCA office nearest you if you would like to:

      • Make a referral
      • Find out if a defendant qualifies for LCA’s electronic monitoring, home detention or alcohol monitoring programs
      • Learn more about LCA’s services

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