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Many misdemeanor and felony cases can benefit from LCA’s electronic monitoring programs. LCA’s team will partner with you to create a solution that meets the unique needs and conditions of each case. LCA’s electronic programs add supervision and continuous reporting that offers offenders an opportunity to immediately accept responsibility for their actions, seek rehabilitation, and divert their clients from overcrowded jails by being placed on electronic monitoring including house arrest, GPS monitoring, continuous alcohol monitoring and regular drug testing.

atorneysWhen Is Electronic Monitoring Effective?

  • Misdemeanors and Low-Risk Felonies
  • DUI and other Alcohol-related Cases
  • Domestic Violence
  • Juveniles/Seniors
  • Medical Complications
  • Out-Of-County Residents

How is Electronic Monitoring Being Used?

  • Pretrial Supervision and Assessment
  • Condition of OR/Bail
  • Delayed Entry of Judgment
  • Suspended Sentence
  • Condition of Sentence
  • Summary Court Probation
  • Intensive Probation and Parole Supervision
  • Graduated Release from Residential Programs
  • Supplement to Outpatient Treatment Programs

Why Do Judges Accept Electronic Monitoring?

Monitoring programs increase sentencing options and enable courts to:

  • Improve offender accountability
  • Provide timely and accurate evidence of compliance with court conditions including alcohol abstinence, stay away orders and curfews
  • Address core causes of recidivism, including alcohol or substance abuse
  • Utilize evidence-based sentences
  • Enhance supervision for summary court probation cases

Contact the LCA office nearest you if you would like to:

      • Make a referral
      • Find out if a defendant qualifies for LCA’s electronic monitoring, home detention or alcohol monitoring programs
      • Learn more about LCA’s services

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