Program Services for Attorneys

Did you know your client could opt into an electronic monitoring program as an alternative to jail – or an alternative to bail? Contact us now and tell us about your case, and we’ll work with you today to create a solution that will help your client, satisfying the court’s needs for accountability and time-served.

LCA accepts both pre-trial defendants and sentenced offenders into all of its programs.

LCA offers various electronic monitoring programs based on offense or risk level of your clients. We provide acceptance letters, court appearances, consulting on alternative sentencing, and programs tailored to client’s special needs. We have experience throughout California and can share pertinent information about the availability of programs in different jurisdictions. We are certified by the State Bar to offer Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credits on electronic technology and substance abuse, and will come to your office or association for presentations.

Contact the LCA office nearest you if you would like to:

      • Make a referral
      • Find out if a defendant qualifies for LCA’s electronic monitoring, home detention or alcohol monitoring programs
      • Learn more about LCA’s services

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