Court Accountability Programs (CAP)

There are thousands of criminal cases in California, which do not require jail time. Some do not need supervision, but there are many who do. Yet, there is currently, little, if any, supervision and accountability for those not under formal probation. The courts have become the de facto supervisor, yet they do not have the staff to meet this demand. The result is many defendants fall through the cracks, recidivating and escalating to more serious criminal offenses.

LCA has created a new Court Accountability Program (CAP) with the tools and support to address the needs of this growing population.

LCA’s Court Accountability Program (CAP) solutions are customized to address the thousands of cases saturating California courts. These integrated programs offer the potential to improve community supervision of offenders and reduce jail populations. These programs offer a viable solution to significantly reduce recidivism, save thousands of taxpayer dollars every year, and hold offenders accountable.
CAP is LCA’s individualized Self-guided Cognitive Restructuring Program. These life skills programs are designed to help participants learn to change they way they think, help them get out of the revolving door of crime, and begin demonstrating pro-social behavior.
Each CAP includes:
  • Individualized Assessment
  • Ongoing Case Management
  • Customized Reporting
CAP is ideal for any misdemeanor or felony cases where supervision or community sanctions are required. CAP can be combined with other LCA services to ensure compliance, including:
  • Electronic Monitoring
    • SCRAMx
    • GPS
    • Home Detention
  • Voice Verification
  • Drug Testing

LCA’s Court Accountability Programs are most effective:

  • Pre-trial Diversion
  • Pre-trial Supervision and Assessment
  • Condition of Probation
  • Condition of Sentence
  • In Lieu of Jail
  • Condition of Bail
Click here for a complete brochure about our CAP programs.

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